1050cc ENGINE 

The latest generation of the Tiger Sport centres on Triumph’s iconic 1050cc Triple engine.  Featuring 104 developments over the previous Tiger Sport powerplant to optimise power delivery, including improved cylinder heads, inlet ports and piston design, this powerplant delivers 126PS @ 9,475rpm and 106Nm of torque @ 7,000rpm for a linear wave of immediate torque.

Tiger Sport Engine


The signature Triumph 1050cc Triple engine delivers you a smooth, responsive, sporty performance, while its chassis and suspension have been developed to deliver a dynamic yet incredibly comfortable ride.  It’s as suited to short trips as it is for all-day long haul riding, with rider-focused-technology such as cruise control, ABS, ride-by-wire throttle, switchable multi-level traction control and three riding modes – Road, Rain and, of course, Sport.

Aluminium Silver Tiger Sport urban riding


Instant throttle response is provided by a smooth ride-by-wire throttle system, which allows the rider to make maximum use of the Triple engine’s signature drive in every situation from highway cruising to cross-town commuting.

Tiger Sport Exhaust


The silencer not only amplifies the exhaust note, it sounds richer and also contributes to 8% better fuel economy compared with the previous Tiger Sport.


Added to all this all-day sporty capability is a torque-assisted clutch that eases the strain of both city commutes and long-distance adventure by reducing lever effort by up to 48%. The Tiger Sport’s clutch system is coupled to a slick 6-speed gearbox to allow the rider to make maximum use of the available power whilst providing a comfortable ratio for top gear long-distance cruising.