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Art Of Speed - Invitational Bike Build-Off

Builders, email us your interest & create your custom ride, on TV and Art Of Speed 2015. One lucky visitor to the event will be taking this killer ride HOME!!!...

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A Triumph of Perseverance

Buyers and fans of Triumph Motorcycles in Malaysia can be assured of their needs being taken care of...

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An exciting and fun event for all motorcyclists and enthusiasts. MOTACK 2014 is also a platform that enables talented local riders to seek recognition at the nonprofessional level.

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Beckham’s Brazilian Bonneville

Part Bonneville, part Scrambler, part desert –sled, part something completely new, this aggressive black jungle special is another chapter in the story of one of history’s most versatile motorcycles.

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The Art of Speed

Art of Speed Asia 2014 will go a step further after being run for 2 years. Its tagline “Celebrating Art in Automotive Culture” highlights the crossover of lifestyle and art as championed by Art of Speed Malaysia but with more regional relevance.

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