No Ordinary Adventure Bike

Whatever the road, whatever the distance, whatever the challenge, the new Tiger 800 range has been built to excel. Featuring a host of rider focused technology such as the standard fitment of Triumph Traction Control and switchable ABS, the new Tiger with its powerful and more fuel efficient 95PS triple engine is up for any task.

Delivering a seamless flow of torque across the rev range, the Tiger 800 is as perfectly suited to long distance rides as it is to tackling the tough stuff. The second generation 800cc engine now features a ride-by-wire throttle system which provides smoother power delivery, better response, and lower emissions. The result is a 17% improvement in fuel efficiency that coupled with the capacious 19l fuel tank means you can ride longer.

  Key Features

The key features of the new Tiger 800 range are:

  • Rider focused technology including traction control and switchable ABS as standard on all models for improved rider safety.
  • First-in-class inclusion of cruise control on XRx and XCx.
  • Three riding modes to control throttle maps, ABS, and traction control on XRx and XCx.
  • Class-leading, second-generation, 95PS 800cc triple engine delivers a 17% increase in fuel efficiency (up from 55mpg to 65 mpg/19.7km/litre to 23.1km/litre) and produces lower emissions*
  • Ride by Wire technology gives smoother power delivery and lighter throttle response.
  • New styling, improved ergonomics, and the fitment of adjustable WP suspension on XC models.

  Rider Focused Technology

Rider focused technology is what makes this new Tiger stand apart; technology that has been developed to optimise the ride both on and off- road. With the inclusion of advanced ABS, traction control, programmable riding modes with selectable throttle maps and cruise control, the new Tiger 800 leads the segment with new levels of active safety.

Ride by Wire - The introduction of a full Ride by Wire system that interacts with the ECU opens up a whole new level of technology.

Switchable ABS - The switchable ABS system is standard on all Tiger 800 models and uses the latest technology to prevent wheel lock-up, ensuring maximum confidence and control in any road condition.

On the XR and XC models, the ABS can be turned 'On' or 'Off'.


  Throttle Maps

With a choice of 4 different throttle maps riders can select the optimum setting to meet both riding and weather conditions. The throttle maps can easily be changed via the switch cube.

The difference between the maps is given by varying the butterfly position for a given twist of the throttle grip: the new engine delivers full power with all the maps, but the rider needs a different opening of the throttle to achieve the same response:

  • Road - Standard throttle response
  • Rain - reduces throttle response compared to the Road setting, for wet
    or slippery conditions
  • Sport - Increases throttle response when compared to the road setting
  • Off-Road - Optimal throttle response setting for off-road use

  Triumph Traction Control

Triumph Traction Control (TTC) is standard across all models. This feature prevents the unexpected spinning of the rear wheel, cutting engine torque to avoid the loss of lateral grip, ensuring maximum confidence and control both on and off road.

On the XR and XC the rider can switch their TTC 'On' or 'Off'.

On higher-specification models, TTC can be switched between 'Road' (On), 'Off' and 'Off-Road' models. In the 'Off-Road' mode, the traction control system allows increased rear wheel slip compared to 'Road' mode.


  Riding Modes

XCx and XRx models feature 3 rider modes. This automatically configures the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Maps to best tackle the route ahead.

  1. ROAD SETTING – automatically sets the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Map to ‘ROAD’ setting.
  2. OFF ROAD SETTING – automatically sets the ABS, Traction Control, and Throttle Map to “OFF-ROAD” therefore reducing the ABS and traction control intervention allowing for a level of slip.
  3. PROGRAMMABLE RIDER MODE – allows the rider to select their chosen settings for ABS, Traction Control, and a choice of 4 x Throttle Maps independently.


The new Tiger has a class-leading chassis which translates to outstanding handling on the road. The Tiger gives plenty of feedback to the rider and has high stability and neutrality, putting the bike exactly where the rider wants it to be on both smooth and uneven surfaces.

The XR models are fitted with Showa suspension, calibrated to ensure excellent handling on any surface. The front suspension is a 43 mm Showa USD fork, now anodised black. The rear suspension includes a Showa mono-shock which is preload adjustable.

WP suspension has been used to further boost the Off-Road riding qualities of the new XC models. The WP 43mm USD fork, with rebound and compression damping is easily adjustable through dedicated clickers on the fork tops. The rear suspension unit is a WP mono shock adjustable for preload and rebound damping and has a dedicated dirt protector for the RSU body.


  Cruise Control

The Tiger 800 XCx and XRx features Cruise Control as standard, making long journeys more comfortable and improving fuel efficiency.


Tiger 800 XRx
Tiger 800 XRx
Tiger 800 XCx
Tiger 800 XCx
Cast alloy wheels
Spoked wheels
High level front mudguard
Adjustable WP front suspension
Adjustable WP rear suspension
Advanced trip computer
Road and off-road riding modes
Configurable "Rider" riding mode
Auto-cancel indicators
Cruise control
Centre stand
Hand guards
Plastic radiotor guard
Plastic sump guard
Aluminium sump guard
Engine protection bars
Comfort rider and pillion seats
Adjustable screen
Additional 12V power socket



Tiger XRx

Tiger XCx


Price List
Tiger 800 XRx
Tiger 800 XCx
Recommended Retail Price Inclusive GST
On The Road Costs (Inclusive GST and Single Rider Insurance)
Low Downpayment*
Monthly Repayment* - 7 Years
* Hire Purchase Rate: 4% up to 5 years / 4.5% up to 7 years    
** Subject to terms and conditions    

  New Tiger 800 Accessories

An extensive range of Triumph Genuine Accessories for the New Tiger have been developed to provide a multitude of options to make it your own. New slim line heated grips, a 3D mesh Low Comfort Seat and an all new Expedition aluminium luggage system are just three of the comprehensive range of 70 accessories available.  There is also the option of five newly created accessory packs offering riders a choice of Sport, Comfort, Touring, Protection, Expedition, or Adventure Luggage packs.

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